Mission & Values

ExportOut seeks to be the leading web-based solution created specifically for vehicle exporters, by providing an application and multi-level management tool that increases the speed while reducing the cost of the current shipping process. We commit to operating with Efficiency, Accuracy, and Integrity as we coordinate each vehicle export and relay timely information to our customer.


As we revolutionize the way vehicles are shipped by connecting all parties through the power of technology, we will create a sustainable, adaptable platform for shipping management. We firmly believe in continuous progression, improvement, and innovation, so that our customers are constantly at the forefront of the most economic shipping concepts.

Message from the Founder

”As a vehicle exporter for many years, and having worked in the shipping industry for nearly a decade, it became clear to me that the process for RORO shipping was flawed. I worked for a major ship-line and felt the frustrations of my customers as the countless phone calls went back-and-forth! It was very apparent to me that human error, wait-times, and miscommunication could be resolved with technology. I began to wonder why we were operating within a framework that seemed so obsolete.

I came to find that these issues were not confined to ship-line companies only— they were pervasive throughout the entire industry. Working for a vehicle exporter exposed me to another side of frustrations— the incongruous schedules. As I worked to acquire and decode these schedules I found myself thinking about how archaic the process seemed. I thought about how easy the airlines had made it for the consumer. And I wondered why the ship-lines hadn’t.

Submitting cargo information… acquiring proper documents… picking schedules… getting rate quotes— these tasks could take days. I worked with a major freight-forwarder and NVOCC, and again witnessed a lack of technology in the process. I witnessed our customers being subjected to extra fines or feeling ‘in the dark’ regarding their cargo status. It was easy to empathize with their frustrations. I viewed the lack of technology as huge problem in our industry… and I became impassioned to provide the solution.

Today, that solution is ExportOut— the technology we’ve all been waiting for. Now you can view the rates, compare service, and make an informed decision in less time than it takes to make a phone call to a single ship-line. You can book on-the-spot and the ExportOut service will automatically coordinate the rest of the process for you. You now have access to your cargo status 24/7, and all of your documents are at your fingertips. My goal was to save you time, resources, and money as you manage your exportations with ease and insight.

I think you will find ExportOut to be the system you’ve long wished for in order to make your vehicle shipping process a little easier. It was surely created with your specific needs in mind.”

Hadi Abdalhadi